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August 6, 2014

Can my lawn be environmentally friendly and in fantastic condition?

Natural turf with your landscaper Geelong

Natural Turf

There are many myths about lawns – one of them is that they are water-guzzlers and bad for the environment as a result. This is not always true. According to some, there are no bad lawns, just bad lawn owners!

In fact, a well and properly maintained lawn impacts in many positive ways on the environment. These include:

  • Purifying the air. Consisting mainly of green leaf matter, grass leaves absorb carbon dioxide from and release oxygen back into the atmosphere.
  • Purifying the water that passes through the lawn. Your lawn absorbs excess nutrients and some other harmful substances that would otherwise be part of the run off that fills our stormwater drains and flows in to our rivers, lakes and oceans.
  • Cooling the temperature. Unlike synthetic turf or concrete and paving, a natural lawn is substantially cooler in temperature – up to 10 degrees cooler in summer.

So why do lawns sometimes fail?

The primary reason that a lawn fails is that they are provided with more than they need and less of what they want. Many lawn owners over-water, water at the wrong time of the day and finally over-fertilise their lawns.

Watering your lawn

Ideally, you should only need to water your lawn once a week. Three cm of water per week applied all at the one time is all that most lawns need. The source of the water can be either rain or sprinklers. If using a sprinkler or sprinkler system, you should water your lawn at the time of day when it is least wasteful and in turn provides it with the most benefit.

So when is the best time of day? That would be in the morning. Lawns are more able to absorb and utilise the benefits of any watering when they are “awake” – that is, when the lawn is actively absorbing water from the ground. At this time they are also carrying out photosynthesis, creating their food and growing. Compare this with night time when lawns become dormant and will not absorb water. If you were to water at night, the water simply stays on the ground and will be drawn down to the water table rather than the roots of the lawn. This can also promote lawn disease as the surface will be moist for an extended period rather than drying off during the day.

Fertilising your lawn

You don’t need to fertilise your lawn every month. Twice a year is adequate for most lawns and grass types and feeding in autumn is the most important time.

As a local landscaper Geelong is the region Kardinia Landscape Constructions knows best. If you are in doubt about any element regarding care of your lawn, contact them for friendly expert advice.