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Why use an expert for your Geelong landscaping project?

September 6, 2014

Geelong landscapingA qualified and experienced landscape gardener will plan all aspects of a garden and outdoor space. This includes choosing and recommending all plants and structures such as walls, steps, water features, pool, trellis and more. They will be able to bring together your ideas and needs with their extensive knowledge of plants, and create the garden you want as well as one that will work.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what you can do with an outdoor space, and again this is where the expertise of a landscape gardener can be invaluable. An idea you may love from a magazine or in a friend’s garden may not necessarily work for you and your garden. This could be due to differences in climate, soil type, terrain or simply the idea may not be a good “fit” for your family. Some good examples would be an open water feature where you have very young children or a garden with extensive plantings when you have teenage kids who would love to shoot hoops in the courtyard – neither is really appropriate for the users of the space.

A landscape gardener will also be aware of what plants are best suited to the conditions of your garden as well as the local climate – they will have experience in what does and doesn’t work. This is very important because every garden is different. How does the weather impact the garden? How much time is the garden in sun and shade? What is the condition of the soil? Do you have a flat surface or a sloped yard? These are all questions that a landscape gardener will be able to answer as well as providing workable solutions.

Kardinia Landscape Constructions are the expert garden designers who work with you to plan and construct your Geelong landscaping project, ultimately saving you money and giving you an end result that will be much more successful.