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Synthetic Turf in Eltham

October 9, 2014

Our client contacted us because although they loved the trees surrounding their property in Eltham, their yard simply never got any sun and they struggled to grow any lawn.

We suggested some synthetic turf and in just one weekend we transformed their once patchy uninviting yard into a useable outdoor space for their family to enjoy all year round.

For our clients – a busy working couple with young children – this was a perfect solution because it now means they no longer spend any time maintaining their lawn. No watering required, no fertilisers, no mowing and more time to spend with their kids outside!

The clients said their turf also doubles as a fantastic putting green! Their golf putting challenge has become an entertaining activity when their mates are around for a Sunday barbeque.

View our before and after shots and see the difference.

Eltham Turf beforeEltham Turf after