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Paved Entrance Stairs Project, Geelong

March 24, 2015
Bluestone Pavers with Ashlar Pattern

Bluestone Pavers with Ashlar Pattern

We recently built a paved stairway entrance for a client of ours in Highton. We are really proud of the way that this stylish addition has really enhanced the overall appearance of their home.

We created these stairs using Bluestone pavers and laid them with an Ashlar Pattern.  An Ashlar pattern is a mix of square and rectangular pieces of stone and are configured in a random pattern. One of the benefits of using an Ashlar pattern is there are no continuous grout lines in any directions, making it an ideal choice for larger areas.

A well designed entrance can set a wow factor for your home like no other.  It can help define views and create a balance between the house and the softer elements of the garden.  Stairs and landings can also provide a warm, inviting walk space and create an atmosphere that is visually enhanced from the street.

We don’t think of slopes at the entrance to your home as a problem but as a great opportunity to create a beautiful set of stairs that will invite people into your home. When built and designed well, outdoor stairways can increase the value of the home by adding plenty of usable space.

 If you are ready to give the entry to your home a whole new look, why not have a think about paved stairs with a unique pattern?  Talk to us today about the many different ways in which we can help add interest and enhancements to the front entrance of your home.