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Retaining wall in Newtown

May 8, 2015

Treated pine sleeper retaining walls are fairly common which you have probably seen in yards many times before. The reason these retaining walls are the most popular choice is mainly due to them being more economical than other materials.

At Kardinia Landscapes we construct our treated pine walls differently than most to provide our clients with a higher standard of workmanship and achieve a look that stands out from the crowd.

Retaining wall Newtown, GeelongWe recently constructed a treated pine retaining wall in Newtown (pictured). Our clients love the way it matches their decor and has added such an impressive look to their overall garden.

Some ways that we achieve that extra ‘wow’ factor include:

  • Bevelling all our sleepers.
  • Painting the treated pine to match the trims of your house.
  • Cladding the stair treads with Merbau or any other hardwood timber.
  • Using high quality galvanised coach bolts to enhance the overall look.

At Kardinia Landscapes we can help you choose the right material and design for your retaining walls in Geelong. We are also aware of the local laws and regulations that may be applicable to your particular construction.

If you are thinking of building a retaining wall we can help you with your decision by:

  • Determining the best type of wall for your particular situation.
  • Ensuring the wall compliments your landscaping.
  • Determining the best structural choice for your landscape project.
  • Ensuring that you are you receiving value for the money you are spending.

Speak to us about building you a retaining wall that stands out from the crowd and can be enjoyed by friends and family for many years to come.