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Geelong landscaping FAQs

I’ve just had a look at your website and love the landscaping you’ve done for other clients. We live outside Geelong – are you still able to design and complete some retaining walls and pool landscaping for us?

Absolutely. We offer our Geelong landscaping services to clients in and around the city, including the Surf Coast, the Bellarine Peninsula and Werribee.

Do I really need to worry about the drainage in my garden?

Yes you do. If your garden drainage is designed and installed correctly, it might not be seen but it is still one of the most important elements of the garden to get right. Done incorrectly, you can end up with boggy lawns and soil, plants dying, and even damage to the foundations of your house.

Which is better – natural or synthetic turf?

It really depends. If you don’t have the time or interest in garden maintenance, then synthetic turf is a better answer for you. It is also great where you have a very shady location or grass and insect allergies. However, if you’re happy to regularly mow, feed and water your lawn, natural turf is for you. At Kardinia Landscape Constructions we also offer gardening maintenance services that will free up your time and keep your lawns in tip-top condition.

Our back garden is sloped, but we would love to have a flat lawn for the children to play on as well as for entertaining. Is there anything we can do?

Retaining walls are a brilliant way to establish a flat and even surface in your garden or other outdoor space. With extensive experience building retaining walls, we can help you find the retaining wall solution that best suits your site, style and budget.

We can design and construct your Geelong retaining wall and, if required, organise engineering and guide you through the building permit process and protection work notices.