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Landscaping services, Geelong

Our professional and experienced landscapers provide a range of landscaping services in the Geelong region including:

Whether you are building a new home and need a new garden designed and created, or have an existing entertainment area which needs refreshing, we will provide the professional service you need. Contact us here at Kardinia Landscape Constructions and we will arrange a time for one of our experienced and dedicated landscaping team to meet with you to discuss your ideas, needs and plans.

Garden Design

Stunning and functional garden designs and landscaping in Geelong Gardens are a thoughtful process. Like the inside of a house, your outdoor space needs to incorporate a number of differing ideas, needs and uses. These include privacy, style and function all working together to create an outdoor space that is appealing to the eye and…

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is built to help stem the erosion of property, to protect your garden from rising water or to help create a flat space on a sloped piece of land. When you employ the expertise and services of Kardinia Landscape Constructions, you can have a functional retaining wall that also adds an attractive…

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Decks and Pergolas

Creating decking, a patio or pergola is a great way to make the most of your garden and extend your living area, especially during the warmer months. Consider adding an outdoor barbeque for balmy summer meals or an outdoor fireplace to warm the toes on a chilly autumn night. Getting the most out of your…

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Based in Geelong, Kardinia Landscape Constructions specialises in laying quality driveways to complete the look of your garden and home. Most driveways are at the front of houses, meaning they are in¬†the direct view of passers-by and make a valuable aesthetic contribution to the overall street appeal of your home. An attractive yet sturdy driveway…

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Deciding on the best kind of turf for your own lawn is essential when it comes to its sustainability, look and feel. Kardinia Landscape Constructions supply and lay only the best-quality turf and can advise you which turf will prosper in a variety of situations, be it sunny, shady, sloped or flat terrains, coastal or…

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High-quality paving will enhance and add value to any garden or exterior space. Paving stones are a great option for outdoor areas, are low maintenance and available in a wide range of styles to suit any property. It is important to ensure there is a reinforced foundation base on which to lay paving stones. This…

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Many homes will need concreting services at some stage, whether it is at the beginning of a new home build or as part of a renovation to replace old concrete or outdated paving and pavers.¬†Concrete is a great option for driveways and pathways leading in to your home. Concrete is also perfect for steps and…

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Fencing is necessary in most homes to keep children and animals in, unwanted visitors out, for safety and, just as importantly for many, for aesthetics. Garden fencing can be a striking element in any landscaping design, and Kardinia Landscape Constructions can work with you to incorporate the functionality of your garden fence as well as…

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Stairs and steps

  You may need to consider landscaping and steps or stairs to access various areas of your garden or to move between the garden and the house. Kardinia Landscape Constructions use a range of materials and designs, from stepping stones for a rustic and natural look, to elegantly constructed steps and timber stairs where a…

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Irrigation and Drainage

When it comes to our outdoor areas there are few things as good as having a lush, green expanse of lawn and blooming garden beds. But to keep it looking good you have to keep it watered. Irrigation involves supplementing rainwater with another source of water in order to ensure your lawns and gardens remain…

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Pool Surrounds

At Kardinia Landscape Constructions we can create unique gardens and pool landscaping around your swimming pool. We can undertake all aspects of swimming pool landscaping including planning applications, groundwork, pool decks, pool paving and planting. We have the expertise to create poolscapes that will enhance the landscape in your garden for years to come. We…

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Garden Maintenance

The experienced team at Kardinia Landscape Constructions is equipped to tackle any task, from pruning and trimming to clearing large, overgrown gardens. We also specialise in carrying out lawn mowing and garden maintenance at your home or property in preparation for sale to ensure you secure the best result possible when buyers put in their…

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