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Geelong garden fencing

Fencing is necessary in most homes to keep children and animals in, unwanted visitors out, for safety and, just as importantly for many, for aesthetics. Garden fencing can be a striking element in any landscaping design, and Kardinia Landscape Constructions can work with you to incorporate the functionality of your garden fence as well as ensuring it blends seamlessly with your home and outdoor space.

Consider using plants to create a feature that can also be a functional fence, or to decorate a wall. Espaliers are created by pruning and tying branches to a frame or flat against a structure such as a wall, fence or trellis. They are good for gardens in which space is limited. We can attach supports for wire guides, advise you which plants are suitable to use and are able to source these from our reliable suppliers.

Contact us at Kardinia Landscape Constructions and together we can assess your landscaping needs and design the perfect outdoor solution for you. We can provide a complete Geelong landscaping service from landscape conception and design, through construction to completion of the project.