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Landscaping stairs and steps, Geelong


You may need to consider landscaping and steps or stairs to access various areas of your garden or to move between the garden and the house. Kardinia Landscape Constructions use a range of materials and designs, from stepping stones for a rustic and natural look, to elegantly constructed steps and timber stairs where a more structured look is required.

Is your outdoor area sloped or undulating? Landscaping a slope might not be as difficult or awkward as you might think. Instead, view a slope as a natural opportunity to turn a plain outdoor space into something amazing. Tiers or levels are a great way to deal with slopes, and lend themselves naturally to the addition of stairs and steps to move between the levels.

Contact us at Kardinia Landscape Constructions and together we can assess your landscaping needs and design the perfect outdoor solution for you. We can provide a complete landscaping service in Geelong, from landscape conception and design, through construction to completion of the project.