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Natural and synthetic turf laying, Geelong

Deciding on the best kind of turf for your own lawn is essential when it comes to its sustainability, look and feel. Kardinia Landscape Constructions supply and lay only the best-quality turf and can advise you which turf will prosper in a variety of situations, be it sunny, shady, sloped or flat terrains, coastal or inland. On sloped terrains we would often suggest the construction of retaining walls to achieve a flat lawn surface for playing and entertaining.

Natural turf or synthetic turf grass – which is best for your lawn?


Appearances are subjective. Some people love the look and feel of natural lawns, others are more interested in the low-maintenance qualities of synthetic turf. We can help you determine which would best suit your lifestyle as well as the design of your garden and the terrain we need to work with.


Synthetic and natural turf feel quite different, however a good variety of each will be soft and comfortable for playing and sitting on. One key difference is that artificial turf will warm up in the sun, while natural turf will stay cool. And compared with concrete, the surface temperature of natural grass is always between 10 and 14 degrees cooler, helping to keep your home cool as well. On the other hand, synthetic grass doesn’t attract bees and other insects, which is perfect where you have children or adults with allergies to stings and grass.

Longevity and maintenance

Provided it is properly maintained, a lawn of natural grass will potentially last forever. It does require more maintenance than synthetic turfs, including regular mowing, fertilising, watering and weed control.

In comparison, synthetic turf should last up to 15 years before it needs replacing. A few of the benefits of synthetic turf include no dead spots, worn spots, insect damage or disease problems. You can happily let your dog play on it – it stands up very well to dogs, and it looks good all year round. It is also great for people who suffer from insect or grass allergies – an increasingly common concern throughout Australia. In fact did you know that Australia is one of the most

Artificial turf is not completely maintenance-free, though – it needs brushing, grooming and refilling twice a year to keep the grass blades standing upright.

Impact on the environment

The need for water is obviously a consideration when looking at a natural lawn installation. During periods of low rainfall and high temperatures, extra watering is definitely required. However, grass also filters rain into the soil instead of allowing it to run off down the gutter. In addition, it eradicates greenhouse gases such as CO2, CO and SO2, plus many other pollutants. Did you know that 100 square meters of lawn emits enough oxygen throughout the day for a family of four?

Although synthetic turfs don’t require watering, fertilisers, chemicals or mowing, they are made from plastics containing petrochemicals, and are often transported long distances in comparison with┬ánatural grass. These factors obviously have their own environmental impact.

What is better for your garden?

When considering grass laying, there are a number of factors you need to assess. Think about what you like the look and feel of, and how much time you have for maintenance. What are your environmental preferences? And of course, which one suits the unique needs of your home and family.

Contact Kardinia Landscape Constructions and we can advise you on the best option for your situation, taking into consideration any irrigation and drainage concerns. Our experienced landscapers will carry out the lawn installation with care, leaving you with a brand new outdoor space in which to entertain and play!